Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Box information

What is Lipstick Junkie?

Lipstick Junkie is a monthly subscription service that delivers lipstick and lip-related products to your door. We are dedicated in providing you everything you need to up your lipstick game and be bold! We applaud those who are fearless, those who wear the brightest of reds or the deepest of blues. We are here to kickstart a lipstick revolution! 

What's in the box?

Every month you will receive our wonderful Lipstick Junkie box at your front door. Inside you'll find a curated assortment of all things lip related. One big difference you'll notice is that we do not fill our box with only samples! That's a big no-no for us! We promise to provide full-sized lip products to fulfill your every needs. 

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a subscription by going to our Home page here and signing up.

What about shipping?

Where do we ship to and how much is it?

We ship anywhere in the U.S. to all 50 states absolutely free! You do not have to pay a dime for shipping if you're in the U.S.For our international lipstick junkies, don't fret! We want to get our boxes to you as well but we will have to charge an extra shipping cost due to the extra shipping we'll have to pay.

When will I get this box?

We rebill on the 15th of every month and we will ship our boxes at the beginning of each month.

What if I never received my box or it came damaged?

If you end up not receiving your box or if something inside got damaged during transit, please email us at [email protected] and let us know what happened. In most cases, we'll send you a new box to replace the missing or damaged box.


When am I charged for my box?

We bill our subscribers on the 15th of each month. Order by the 5th of each month to get that month's box! Once you're subscribed, we re-bill you every month on the 15th.

How do I cancel?

It's easy! Simply log into your account and click on the "cancel" button by your active subscription. If you already paid for a box that you haven't yet received, you will still receive that box normally. Also, please keep in mind that gift subscriptions are pre-paid and cannot be cancelled.

Have a question not listed here? Please contact us at [email protected]